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We organize shows

The experience of a live show can be a powerful driver. It is capable of nourishing the soul, igniting a person's creative spirit and leading them to pick up an instrument for the first time, or rekindling their passion for music. Since 2000, METÁFORA has enriched the lives of the people of Mexico City. This year is full of opportunities; let yourself be inspired by the best of live music; from the newest artists to the most established.

Ochestra in Action

Este proyecto es financiado a través del Fondo Concursable de Inclusión Migrante 2022  del  Servicio Nacional de  Migraciones
Res. Ex. N°14.843  del 14 de febrero de 2022


Este proyecto es desarrollado por la Organización Arte Real Vitacura

Rut: 65.080.489-9


Este proyecto cuenta con el apoyo de la Ilustre Municipalidad de Vitacura

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